Move Management for Seniors

At Able Moving & Storage, we take pride in moving people – not just things! We understand the extra challenges that may come with a senior relocation and provide a straightforward and stress-free move for the entire family. We make transporting your senior family member’s items easy. At Able Moving & Storage, our team carefully handles all your senior move details and belongings, so moving can be one less thing for you to worry of.

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A Team You Can Trust

In addition to the regular stressors that moving brings, relocating a senior family member can be emotional, especially when moving out of a house and into an assisted living home. At Able Moving & Storage, our entire team is trained to manage senior moves with extra sensitivity, compassion, and attention to detail.

Our professional moving consultants are here to give their expert advice for every step of the move. They will create a customized move plan using the variety of services and resources Able provides. Their main goal is to give you and your loved one the best options and information for a safe and easy transition.

After booking, each move is assigned a relocation coordinator, who will guide you through the entire process, double check all details, work out payment, and answer all questions. Our coordinators provide quality customer service and are in constant communication with our teams to ensure a smooth move.

Able’s movers and packers are another resource for customers. Our teams train to handle items delicately, provide extra communication to customers and handle unexpected changes. Our crews will handle your belongings as they would their very own.

Packing and Unpacking

Packing and unpacking are probably the most challenging parts of moving. Our team will carefully protect and pack all your belongings from home and gently prep and load belongings onto our trucks to ensure they stay safe. We will unload and help unpack your senior’s belongings into the new residence upon arrival.

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Furniture, Home, and Building Protection

Whether you need to move large furniture like beds, chairs, tables, and nightstands or smaller items like vases, pictures, cups, and clothing to your new home, Able Moving & Storage can handle it all. We understand that your senior’s belongings are necessary for everyday life and provide comfort, especially if they are moving into an unfamiliar place. Our team wraps items in protective materials and uses floor and door protection to ensure everything gets to the new residence intact and safe.

Storage Solutions

If your senior has belongings that they don’t want to put in their new home but aren’t ready to part with, storage may be the best option. Able Moving & Storage offers secure storage solutions. Our four warehouses are monitored 24 hours a day by video surveillance, so you can be sure your loved one’s belongings will stay safe. We also offer scheduled storage visits, so you or your loved one can access their storage to swap out items whenever necessary.

Learn more about our Storage Solutions.

Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly

Disassembling furniture and keeping track of all one’s belongings can be difficult, making it crucial that you trust a professional mover to provide excellent services for your senior family member. Our team trains to handle the breakdown of furniture, protect it for transportation, and then reassemble it at the new home. You can relax knowing that the furniture your loved one needs will be ready at the new home within the same day.


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