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Relocating a senior family member can often be a sensitive, stressful, and tiring process. In addition to the regular stressors that come with moving, senior moves can be emotional, especially if a senior is moving out of a house and into an assisted living home. Senior moving in Northern Virginia must be completed with care, compassion, and attention to detail.

At Able Moving & Storage, we take pride in moving people – not just things! We understand the extra challenges that may come with a senior relocation and are dedicated to making the move as straightforward and stress-free as possible for the entire family. We offer the following senior moving services to make this happen:

Packing And Unpacking

Packing and unpacking are probably the most challenging parts about moving. Disassembling furniture and keeping track of all of one’s belongings can be difficult, making it crucial that you trust a professional mover to provide excellent packing and unpacking services for your senior family member.

Regardless of whether you need to move large furniture like beds, chairs, tables, and nightstands or smaller items like vases, pictures, cups, and clothing to your new home, Able Moving & Storage can handle it all. We understand that your senior’s belongings are not only necessary for every day life, but provide comfort, especially if they are moving into an unfamiliar place. Our team always uses protective materials and takes the greatest care of your belongings to ensure everything gets to the new residence intact and safe.

Learn more about our packing services.


We make transporting your senior family member’s items easy. You no longer need to worry about how to fit everything in the back of your car or take multiple trips back and forth to your senior’s new home by yourself. At Able Moving & Storage, our movers carefully load your belongings onto our trucks to ensure they will stay safe during the entire trip. Our team will help you unpack and load your senior’s belongings into the new residence upon arrival

Storage Solutions: If your senior has items they don’t want to put in their new home but aren’t ready to part with, storage may be the best option. Able offers secure storage solutions. Our four warehouses are climate-controlled and monitored 24 hours a day by video surveillance, so you can be sure your loved one’s belongings will stay safe. Learn more about our Storage Solutions.

Everything went perfect. I have been through five moves with the company and this is the first time that nothing was lost. Every employee crate that was packed was delivered to the new employee at their new space. The checklists they used were amazing.
LaWanda Council Administration Manager, CQ Roll Call
Simply put, Able was amazing. They just got it done. We could not have asked for an easier move.
Mindy Redd Office Manager & Property Manager, Merritt Properties
Communication with our Salesperson Chris Cox was outstanding. Checkpoint meetings before our move were especially helpful. He gave us a spreadsheet that had aspects of our move on it that had not even occurred to us. That’s what a good partner does.
Meg Hargreaves Chief Operating Officer, CQ Roll Call
They were very, very, very nice and respected me.
LaWanda Council Administration Manager, CQ Roll Call
They did such a good job that we felt it was extremely important to go out of our way to let them know we felt this way.
Mindy Redd Office Manager & Property Manager, Merritt Properties
Chris steered us to a one day move over the weekend, which was not only cheaper for us, but allowed us to be more efficient as well. We literally had employees that were unplugged late in the afternoon on Friday arrive to the new space ready to go on Monday.
Meg Hargreaves Chief Operating Officer, CQ Roll Call


The professionals at Able Moving & Storage are Northern Virginia senior moving experts. We are here to guide you through every step of the way to take the stress out of senior moving. We will put you and your family’s needs first and always demonstrate compassion, care, and expertise with every senior move. Contact us today for a free quote or call us at (703) 330-3772!

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