Storage Solutions


With the development of our storage service standards, Able Moving & Storage has gained the ability to provide a higher level of storage services in one of the most essential areas around the globe for service level improvements, the Washington, DC metro area, and the Mid-Atlantic region.

Residential Storage

Finding a storage solution for your home can be a daunting task. Whether short or long-term, Able is here to make you feel comfortable and that your items are safe. Our residential storage warehouse is located at 8050 Wellingford Drive in Manassas, Virginia. Access visits are available and scheduled per request.

Able Moving & Storage will containerize all shipments at your residence, which minimizes handling and damage. Your items are loaded directly into storage vaults brought to your home and delivered the same way back to you. This process requires only 1 load and 1 unload of your household goods, as opposed to “loose loading” into trucks and unloading at the warehouse. Throughout the loading, storage, and delivery processes, they are fully protected.

Commercial Storage

When it comes to commercial storage, your company’s needs come first. Our team designs a custom storage plan for you and takes care of all the details so you don’t have to. Able Moving offers short, long-term, and fluctuating storage solutions. Items are stored in wooden vaults or on steel racks. Whether your goods are stored in vaults or racks, all items are appropriately padded and shrink-wrapped.

With our inventory management system, you can trust your items are safe. Our clients can submit orders for deliveries, view inventory numbers, and see pictures of items stored safely from your office or home.


For international moves, various factors must be taken into consideration. As you may already know where you are headed, your credentials may not be ready, or you still have to find a residence. When these issues arise, Able Moving & Storage is here to help. We can easily pack your goods for international travel and load them into international crates, placing them in our secure warehouse until you are ready for them to be routed. Your items may remain in the same crates so that they are not rehandled, reducing the chance of damaged or lost items.

Or if you are moving into a furnished residence at your international destination, we can load your items into our storage vaults for an extended period, until you return to the United States.

Storage Solution Benefits

We own and operate 4 large warehouses located off Merritt Park Drive and Wellingford Drive in Manassas, VA. We can store office furniture, household goods, equipment, and more.

Proper padding and shrink wrapping are applied to all your goods as appropriate, depending on whether the goods are placed in vaults or on racks. All 4 warehouses are inspected regularly by the Department of Defense and the Department of State and must meet their stringent requirements.

Our facilities are monitored by 24-hour video surveillance. Our secure, state-of-the-art warehouses feature secure fencing, the very latest in fire and theft protection, and trained full-time staff.

To minimize damage and handling at the residence, Ability Moving & Storage prefers containerizing all shipments. Storage vaults are brought to your residence and stacked with your goods, which only involves loading and unloading your goods once. Each item is protected before it is loaded and remains protected until delivery.

Committed to Serving You. Tour our Storage Facilities!

Able Moving & Storage encourages all customers considering storage to visit the facility. A guided tour and explanation of the storage process will provide you with peace of mind, and allows us to show you our clean, neat, and well-organized facility and introduce you to our wonderful staff.

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