A Guide to College Moving

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As summer draws into its third month, college students prepare for their annual move to campus. First-year students (and their families) are preparing for the dramatic lifestyle change that comes with significant uncertainty. However, helpful hacks and guidance can make packing for their new adventure easy. They can consult professional movers in Arlington, VA, for help choosing what to bring, mastering packing strategies, and tackling the challenges ahead. 

No matter where your university is along the East Coast, Able Moving & Storage can assist your move every step of the way. Our licensed and experienced team prioritize the safety of your belongings, and our streamlined process ensures you’ll reach the campus on time and comfortably. For extra help during this transition, call (703) 330-3772 or visit our website for a free moving quote today!

Below, we detail how to prepare for college move-in:

Donate Unwanted Items 

Whether a young-faced freshman or a seasoned senior, you probably have clothing and items you no longer use. Between unnecessary appliances, old clothes, or childhood toys, your childhood bedroom holds many things you won’t take to your dorm. So, sort through belongings and donate gently used items to help simplify your moving process. If you haven’t worn an article of clothing or used a specific item in the past year, you probably won’t do so after moving to college.

Depending on your style and wardrobe, you’ll only need 5-7 pairs of shoes—more than that will clutter the space. You should expect to purchase sweaters and other clothing articles at school (you’ll want to share the team spirit!), so plan accordingly. Consider your clothing items seriously—will you use more than one winter coat? Will you need more than one professional outfit?

Pack Strategically

As with a cross-country move, you will want convenient access to certain belongings throughout your journey to college. Consider which items you’ll need ASAP: toiletries, a change of clothes, and tools belong near the top of containers, while heavier and less urgent items can go at the bottom. Whether or not you move with the help of a local movers company, this arrangement will ease moving boxes in and out. Additionally, you can unpack methodically—instead of rummaging through a huge box to find your toothbrush, you find it waiting at the top.

You should also think about the packing materials themselves. Although designed for travel, suitcases take up precious storage space in a dorm or small apartment. Yet grocery tote bags are collapsible and fit neatly into a drawer or corner. Furthermore, you can ship your bulky items—including furniture, rugs, appliances, and dressers—to your dorm or apartment rather than haul them yourself.

Optimize with Tips & Tricks

If you need to conserve room or keep your things organized during a long car ride, college packing hacks can help you do so and keep everything safe. For example, gather your hanging clothes on their hooks into a trash bag, then pull their hooks through the bag’s opening. Close the trash bag’s strings around the hooks, and you can carry all your hanging items in one trip (while protecting them from the elements!). 

Also, don’t forget to work with your roommate(s)—even if you’ve never met them. Schedule around one another so you aren’t moving in simultaneously, which usually causes significant frustration. Have everyone agree to bring certain appliances and features so you can conserve space and energy. And share contact details to keep in touch on your moving day!

Don’t Do It Alone

Movers in Arlington VA

Moving into college can be emotionally and physically draining, so gather as much support as possible. Bring family members who can help create a smooth, fun, and memorable experience. Their support and assistance will boost your confidence as you start this new journey.

Finally, consider hiring local movers for your long haul. Not only can they ensure safe transportation of your belongings, but they may be able to assist at the tail end of the semester. For instance, Able offers long-distance mover services as well as storage solutions. The latter option allows you to deposit your belongings safely until the following semester.

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Moving to college can be scary, exciting, and confusing—all at the same time. When choosing movers in Arlington, VA, consider Able Moving & Storage. As an independent mover, Able offers unparalleled customer support during your relocation. Whether you’re moving near or far, our team promises hassle-free moving and high-quality storage services. To learn more, call (703) 330-3772 for a moving quote and advice today.

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