A Tale of 29 Years and Customer Loyalty

Example of Great Service Driving Customer Loyalty

Today I had the pleasure of talking to one of our very first customers. I am sitting here going over the conversation, trying to recall the move. It was in 1987 – 29 years ago – and I cannot remember the details now. I know I was the driver, because we only had one truck back then. He and I both talked about the specifics of the move and how much stuff he had crammed into his 2 bedroom townhouse, but it still doesn’t really register.

Over the course of a 20-minute conversation today, he told me that we had in fact moved him 2 more times over the years. We talked about how, since the first move, he and his wife had kids – and now they are all grown adults living in other states. We talked about how the downturn in the economy in 2007 gave us both a hard time; he is in construction, and we rely on home sales. I am not much for reminiscing about work (I usually save that for family), but when I think about the conversation I have to pause. Because of good customers like him, we were able to pay our bills. And because he used us three times in 29 years, he contributed to our growth.

I mostly wanted to call and thank him for remembering us, but he kept saying we were always there for him and that we always took good care of his family and possessions. The simple fact is, we provide a service that some people want. Anyone can rent a truck and move themselves but plenty of people rely on us to get the job done.

A 20-minute conversation, spanning 29 years, reminded me that not only are we fortunate to have such loyal customers, but also to appreciate that our loyal customers feel lucky to have us.

Able is Hiring!