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What Should You Do With Your Food Before You Move?

You’ve finally packed your bags and furniture. The moving company you hired is going to be coming to your place in two days, but you’re not worried about that because you’ve got a schedule and a plan. Everything seems to be going smoothly. Now you’ve finally reached the part of your list where the food is concerned. What do you do with the food you have? Not all of it can make the trip, so what do you do with it?

Here are a couple of things you can do with your food:

1)    Make a stock inventory of what you have:

Count the canned foods, the perishable foods, liquids and dry foods. Make a list of everything and divide them because each of them is going to have a specific purpose. Making an inventory of what you have should make things simpler and faster for you.

2)    Eat whatever possible, or just the perishables:

Rather than spend the cash on takeout, focus on finishing the food that won’t survive the trip. A few examples of perishables are meats, frozen stuff, fresh fruits, and vegetables. It’s better than letting it go to waste by throwing it out. I’m sure you all love to eat, so go ahead and do that. Eat!

3)    Donate what you can:

Once you’ve dealt with the perishable food, it’s time to focus on the non-perishables. A few non-perishable foods you can donate are canned foods, rice, dried beans, and pasta. There are lots of charities out there who welcome all donations. The food you provide to these charities will be given to other hungry people all around the world. By doing this, someone out there is going to sleep tonight with a happily full belly.

4)    Give it to your friends and neighbors:

This is a great idea. For example, you could cook the food you have at home and invite others over for a big lunch. Then hand each one of them some of the food you’ve got to take home since they can make use of it. It’s a great way for people to remember you by your generosity.

5)    Throw it or take it with you:

Throw away the food that you can’t donate, consume, or share with others. Some of the animals outside can scavenge the trash cans for the food, so it’s not a waste. Also, you can pack some of the non-perishable foods to take with you to your new home. You now know what to do with the food you have before you move. Happy Feasting!

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