Meet Lemont Jeffers, Field Operations Manager!

Able Moving in Virginia

At Able Moving & Storage, we deliver exceptional service thanks to our dedicated staff. Our operations managers are the pinnacle in helping customers carry out their moves. The dedication of managers like Lemont Jeffers enables us to operate a globally-connected business. So, in recognition of his hard work, Able recently awarded Lemont our YOU2 award!

We are proud of our employee community members and want you to get to know them. Learn more about Lemont and his Able experience here:

  • What is your role at Able?

I am Lemont Jeffers, a Field Operations Manager at Able. I execute management training while teaching scenarios of problem-solving.

  • What are some milestones you have accomplished in your time with the company?

Coming on board, I believe I put Able on an even playing field with larger companies within the industry. I assisted the company in feeling confident to take on bigger projects. I’ve also assisted in bridging the gap between different cultures at Able by acting as a liaison in the workplace.

  • What do you enjoy about Able?

I enjoy the company culture of Able, as the relationships here are genuine and go beyond the workplace. The staff has an incredible commitment to one another, even outside the workplace. In my role, I also enjoy helping to develop the less experienced Able employees to become the next generation of company leaders.

  • What is a piece of advice you would give from your experience?

From my experience, I would urge new leaders to exercise patience, flexibility, good communication, and professionalism at all times.

  • What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I’ve missed a significant amount of time with my children due to my constant work. However, I am grateful to be able to spend time with my grandchildren. I truly enjoy watching them grow.

Able Moving in Virginia

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