Meet Stephanie, Senior Residential Relocation Coordinator

Able Moving & Storage

Stephanie Mastbrook is a Senior Relocation Coordinator in Able Moving & Storage’s residential department. Able’s coordinators handle not only the administrative coordination of a move but also its customer service, and Stephanie excels at both. She cares deeply, going above and beyond to assist her customers. Her can-do attitude motivates her to help teammates as well as manage wellness and philanthropy initiatives for the entire company. She also uses her artistic abilities for events like the annual Manassas Holiday Parade and she has built a reputation around the office for her astonishing Halloween decorations each year. Stephanie was recently promoted and won a YOU2 award for her outstanding performance.

We caught up with Stephanie to chat about what makes Able so significant to her:

  • How long have you been with Able, and what were you doing before working here?
    It was my 10-year anniversary in April of this year! Before working at Able, I was an Assistant Manager at Hour Eyes. Through networking, I met some employees of Able who had great things to say about the company culture. So when I learned of an opportunity, I applied and started as an assistant. Not long after starting, I was promoted to coordinator. Recently, I received a promotion to Senior Relocation Coordinator, which feels awesome!

  • What do you like about working in the moving industry?
    I like working in an area that I have expertise in. I know it well after 10 years! I also really enjoy helping our customers because I understand moving is stressful. Sometimes I’ll talk through the worrying points of their moves, work through any issues, and provide solutions and tips. I always love when people say I’ve alleviated stress after a conversation like that.

  • What do you enjoy about working at Able?
    I love the camaraderie. We are a team that is great at resolving issues. When it comes to bringing solutions, most are open and receptive. You must have a solid team when you spend your days with them.

    I really enjoy it when we are all together, but I don’t have a favorite event exactly. Some recent events that were a fun time were the BBQ cookout and Easter Egg hunt. The family environment we have just makes everything a good time when we come together.

    Also, I want to add that I really appreciate Able’s philanthropic spirit. It feels great when we join together to support different organizations. Whether it’s a 5k, food drive, or fundraiser, we do a great job of supporting local charities. One special memory was gathering and distributing donations for Inova Children’s Hospital—I keep the thank you letter they sent me because it is such a special memory.

  • What are some of your hobbies or passions?
    I really enjoy crafting and building with my hands. I do all kinds of crafts and 3D wood puzzles. I also like to read adventure and mystery books. Any other free time is mostly with my family, friends, and pets!

  • Do you have any career advice you would like to share?
    Care about what you do if being successful is important to you. Achieving success is difficult if you have a “don’t care” attitude. I had an employer a long time ago that really helped me by pushing me to be better and I earned his respect.

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