Moving & Downsizing for Seniors

Seniors moving

As we age, many of us hope to remain in the same home that we lived in during our adult lives. The memories and emotions that we associate with that place make it feel cozy and cherished. What’s more, that space will get cluttered with the odds and ends that we accumulate. But if you or a loved one ever leave, moving out can be painful. 

No matter if it’s due to health concerns, the death of a loved one, or something else, moving a senior family member takes an especially hard toll. It may be a place where he or she felt comfortable and secure for years. That’s why we, your local house movers at Able Moving & Storage, want to help you. As homegrown moving professionals, we do our part to support our community in Ashburn and across Northern Virginia. And if you are a senior who needs a hand with packing and moving, we are happy to help. 

Below, we’ve outlined some tips and services for moving seniors into a new home: 

Planning for a New Home 

Although it almost goes without saying, careful planning will make or break a move. What’s more, moving a senior calls for special concerns: why is he or she moving (that is, what are his or her needs)? How will their belongings be sorted through? What does the new space provide? 

Many seniors’ health issues require them to move into assisted living. This kind of facility may be composed of small apartments, which can fit furniture and other belongings. It could also be a nursing home, which won’t have space for anything besides pictures or books. 

No matter the available space, you will need to sort through possessions and determine what to keep. Consider donating the things you won’t keep; doing so may comfort you and/or a senior family member. And if you or your loved one like a certain set-up of furniture, we suggest taking pictures or making notes to recreate it in the new home.

Consider Needs and Capacity

You should account closely for your or your loved one’s needs. Especially when moving due to health, the required level of care will determine which kind of facility or place will serve as the new home. This in turn determines the amount of space they’ll have.

If you or a loved one plan to move into an assisted-living apartment, you can consider furniture and material goods to move in. We suggest making a list of what the new space requires and what you or your loved one already have. This will help you to sort through belongings. 

Speaking of which, the greatest challenge will be sorting through personal valuables: pictures, books, old clothes, documents, etc. Capacity in the new home will dictate how much can be kept. We suggest you try to filter out the “clutter” items, things that won’t be missed or that serve no practical or emotional purpose. 

Hire Professional Help to Move

Trying to move alone can take a physical and emotional toll on you or your loved one. Plus, if furniture and other heavy items need moving, then you’ll probably have to get another set of hands anyway. So, why not turn to trustworthy, expert senior moving support

Able Moving & Storage does more than just transport goods (though we do that well!). We can also help you and/or your family to pack and then unpack belongings in a new home. Moreover, if you want to put anything in storage, we offer affordable storage solutions

Lastly, we realize anxiety about COVID-19 may make you uneasy to work with strangers. But we have set company-wide policies and practices to keep clients and employees healthy. We aim to take care of both your possessions and your family’s health.

Able Moving & Storage: Senior Moving Services From a Local Company

No matter your transportation, storage, or downsizing needs, Able Moving & Storage is ready to help. We are local house movers who recognize the value of our community and like to give back when we can. We’re available now to help seniors in Ashburn and across northern Virginia. Call us today at (703) 330-3772 or fill out our online form and get a free quote!

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