Moving During Peak Season? Here’s What You Should Know

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People usually don’t have the flexibility to choose when they move – and that has the potential to increase not just stress, but actual costs. Whether due to a job relocation, a sale of your home, or any other reason, even the most inflexible of moves can be made more cost efficient, organized, and low stress. 

At Able Moving & Storage, our professional local movers care about keeping your moving experience positive with personalized and affordable services. We provide you with the resources you need to have a smooth transition to your new home. Our vetted, trained, and vested professional team will address and respond to your every question and need from pre-move planning to packing to moving to unpacking. Our knowledgeable staff is not just trained in moving industry best practices, they’re also ready to hear what matters most to you, and how to make your move a success. 

What’s Peak Moving Season?

No matter where you are in the U.S., peak moving season – between April and September – is generally consistent in every city. The two main drivers for peak moving season are parents planning to move while their children are on summer vacation, and members of the military receiving their change of command orders during the spring and early summer months. 

How to Keep Your Moving Costs Down

1. Book Early

June, July, and August are usually when moves are the most frequent, so schedule your move early in mid-April or in September after Labor Day or at least two weeks in advance. Also, keep in mind that even though weekdays are busy moving days, weekends are still more desirable. 

2. Be Selective

Before you pack your things, it’s the perfect time to consider minimizing your belongings, so that you have less to move to your new home. We know it can be difficult to let go of things that hold memories. Doing so before you pack will lighten your load, and many items can be donated and then become somebody else’s treasure. 

3. Hire A Professional Local Mover

At Able Moving & Storage, we provide you with a single point of contact. One of our in-house customer service representatives will manage your entire move, including scheduling moving dates, answering your questions, and helping you smooth out any issues that may arise throughout your move. 

4. Familiarize Yourself With Driving Laws

If you are moving out of state, it’s highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the states you will be driving through. Since not all states have the same driving rules, research each state you will be traveling through and make sure your vehicle, driving habits, and insurance is acceptable. 

Customer-Focused & Dependable Local Movers in Northern Virginia

Our team at Able Moving & Storage is dedicated to helping all families and individuals have a safe and refreshing moving experience. We understand that moving to a new home is a big decision. Let us help with the stresses of the  transition and make it as simple as it can be, especially during peak moving season. Our expert local movers have experience helping families of all sizes pack and move efficiently so that they are able to look back on their move as a positive one. 

Have more questions about peak moving season? Get in touch and speak with our professional local movers today at (703) 330-3772.

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