Preparing Your Kids for a Move

Kids with Boxes

Even if it’s a local move, there are numerous tasks and challenges involved with moving to a new home. If you’re a parent, ensuring the well-being of your kids throughout the move adds to your responsibilities. While moving is unfamiliar for children, with the right preparation it can be a positive new experience for them.

Working with a reliable moving company can make a big difference in the process and allows you to focus on you and your family without compromising anything on your plate. Able Moving & Storage has dedicated many years to helping homeowners in Northern Virginia manage their moves from start to finish. Our local house movers in Manassas, VA will ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible so you can enjoy your new home.

Here are a few tips to help you and your kids transition to your new home.

Get to Know the Area as Soon as Possible

Once you know the location you’re moving to, try to get a feel for the community. Research the neighborhood and local businesses and seek out what kinds of activities are available, especially for families with children. This will allow you to have conversations with your kids about what to expect and what will be similar or different in their new environment, making it easier for them to adjust.

Search for Childcare or Preschool in the New Area

An essential part of the transition will be choosing childcare or preschool in the area for your kids. Try to research ahead of time to find the right place that meets your child’s needs and determine what educational requirements your kid will need to meet as a transferee. This will allow your kids to start forming new friendships quickly and begin fitting in.

Take Your Kids to Visit Before the Move

Leaving home to move into a completely new house can be stressful on young children, so letting them see and interact with the house before the actual move can put them at ease. It’s also helpful to point out to your kids that they can bring all their toys and clothes with them.

Involve Your Kids in the Process

Don’t let the worry of burdening your kids keep you from involving them in the moving process. Giving your kids tasks related to the move, however small, provides them with a sense of control in the midst of change.

Have them clean their rooms and pack up a few of their valuables. This not only will lighten your workload but also better mentally prepare your kids for the move.

Validate Their Feelings

Leaving behind a place where you have made memories and developed friendships is hard, especially as a child. Allow your kids to feel sad, and remind them that you will always be there for them. Talk about the positive experiences they will have in the new area while reassuring them they will still be able to communicate with their current friends.

Plan a Special Goodbye

It’s important for your kids to leave on a positive note, so consider revisiting some of their favorite local places before the move, whether it’s playing at the nearby playground or going to the ice cream shop.

A going-away dinner with your kid’s friends from school or the neighborhood is also a good opportunity to let them have fun and make some final memories together.

Choose a Reliable Local Moving Company in Manassas, Virginia

Moving involves a lot of responsibilities, and ensuring the transition goes well for you and your kids takes time and energy. Let our local moving company at Able Moving & Storage do the heavy lifting while you focus on what matters. Over the past 33+ years, we have committed to making the moving process as efficient and smooth as possible for our clients.

Our team of well-trained and compassionate employees are here to satisfy all your moving needs. Able Moving & Storage offers local, national, and international moving services in Manassas, VA and throughout Northern Virginia.

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