Tips for a Successful Office Move in Northern Virginia

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An office move can mean a break from the routine. A new location means a new commute, new scenery, and new restaurants to choose from for lunch. The change of pace can be an exciting signal of success for your company and the employees within it.

That said, when put in charge of an office move, you might find yourself faced with a lot more responsibility than usual. These extra tasks, piled on top of employees’ normal workload can add up, making the switch a stressful time. At Able Moving & Storage, office moving in Northern VA is one of the services we provide to take some of that weight off your shoulders.

While trusting a professional is your best course of action for the hardest part of your move, below are some helpful tips you can follow to make everything else run smoothly.

  1. Communicate

You and your co-workers are a team, so communicate like one. Talk to employees regularly and in advance, to make sure they are still on the same page as you schedule-wise. Don’t be afraid to over-communicate! As the transition happens, your co-workers will have a lot on their minds. Reminders and quick check-ins to keep employees up-to-date will not only keep everything organized and efficient, they will make workers feel more at ease. Remind them to pack up any belongings they won’t need for the remainder of the time spent at your current office, to change their employee address in their email and other signatures once the move is complete, and to listen for any necessary updates.

  1. Start preparing early

When it comes to moving, procrastination in a big mistake. Pushing things off will make things more stressful for you in the long-run. Unimportant supplies should be boxed early and moved out of the way well before you start on the more crucial items. Plan early for workers to change their contact information, and alert clients to the new address. Plan when to inform your clients and customers of your address change.

  1. Prioritize technology

People are reliant on technology to complete many daily tasks, and this is especially the case at work. In many cases, employees spend most of their day talking on the phone, using their computer for communication and other tasks, and/or using other equipment specific to your company. When necessary technology is missing, it is difficult to do our jobs efficiently. Because of this, we recommend focusing on IT as much as possible during your Northern Virginia office move. In advance, arrange plans on how to handle reconnecting phones and desktop computers, ensuring internet access, and setting up anything else you might need in your new office.

  1. Assess for damage

Damage assessment is a big part of moving. Checking for damage before, during, and after the move will give you a better understanding of your inventory, and the space you are entering. Knowing what needs to be replaced or fixed will help your company settle back into the usual routine quicker. This will also ensure your company receives its security deposit back when you’re ready to move out.

  1. Reach out to professionals. We’ll lend a hand.

It can be tempting to want to handle office moving on your own, but when there is so much to keep track of, partnering with office moving professionals is your best bet. At Able Moving & Storage, we are experts at office moving in Northern VA, and we understand exactly what you need at a time like this. Whether moving for a restaurant, museum, corporate office space, or anything in between, we have the experience to handle the job with care, detail, and efficiency. We specialize in not just moving your office belongings, but getting your team set up in the new office location with little or no interruption to your business so you can hit the ground running.

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