Tips for Apartment Moving

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Moving into a new apartment can be the exciting beginning of a new chapter of your life! Don’t let the moving process get in the way. Searching for the perfect place can be hard enough, but getting moved in doesn’t have to be. After all, apartment moving comes with its own unique challenges like navigating narrow hallways with your belongings, figuring out parking during your move, and finding the right people to assist with your move.

The list goes on and on, and handling all the details on your own can be overwhelming. At Able Moving & Storage, one of our specialties is apartment moving in Northern VA. Our professionals take the stress away and make sure to guide you every step of the way.

Below are some apartment moving tips to make your move a success:

  1. Label Everything: Carefully labeling all of your cardboard boxes with the contents inside and/or the respective room you collected them from will ensure that you keep track of your belongings during the entire move. This will also help your moving company in Northern VA know where to place your boxes in your new apartment.
  2. Reserve Service Elevator: Many apartment complexes allow new tenants to request use of the service elevator during a special move in or move out day. This not only ensures you have a trustworthy and easy means of transporting your belongings but makes things easier on your apartment’s management team and avoids conflicts with your new neighbors.
  3. Take Pictures: Before you turn in the keys to your current apartment and unpack your belongings in your new apartment, take photographs! Taking photographs of the apartment you are leaving will accurately capture its move-out condition; this may be useful in the return of your deposit. Similarly, take plenty of photos of your new apartment to record the move-in condition.
  4. Hiring Movers: Contacting a professional moving company in Northern VA ensures that you have a stress-free move, but could also help you avoid injury. Not only will professional movers assist in packaging and transferring boxed items and furniture in and out of the facility, they will also guide you through the process to make sure everything is according to plan. Able Moving & Storage offers excellent apartment moving services to give our clients an easy, smooth apartment move.
  5. Insurance: When hiring professionals for Northern VA apartment moving, many apartment complexes tend to ask for a certificate of insurance as an initial protocol in confirming with the moving company prior to the moving date.

BONUS TIPS: Check out our Resources page for even more smooth-moving tips!

Why Do This Alone? Call Able Moving & Storage!

As a moving company in Northern VA, we are dedicated to helping our clients transition into their new apartment and begin the next chapter of their lives. Our professional movers are experts when it comes to moving items in challenging parking areas, minimal hallway space, and working around elevators or stairs, meaning you can count on us for a smooth apartment moving experience.

We offer free estimates to help you figure out the next steps and services you need for your move. At Able Moving & Storage, once your free estimate has been approved, our professionals assign you a customer service representative (CSR) that will personally be working with you to scheduling moving dates and assist with any other questions you may have until the official moving day itself. Your CSR is here to ensure your needs are met and exceeded and contribute to an easy moving process.

When moving into a new apartment, it is crucial that you hire experienced professional movers who have the right tools, experience, and knowledge to successfully complete the move. Our trained professional movers are equipped, prepared for the unexpected, and ready to assist you. You don’t have to do this alone. Trust Able Moving & Storage as a guiding partner to help you effectively move in or move out of your apartment home.

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