4 Tips for a Sustainable Office Move

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Moving to a new office location inevitably comes with stress. Yet during the chaos, you must maintain your commitment to following sustainable practices. You will have many eco-friendly cleaning, packing, and transportation options to minimize your carbon footprint and do your part for the environment. Your reducing, reusing, and recycling practices, along with the help of environmentally-conscious commercial movers, can streamline the entire move.

Able Moving & Storage is the leading choice for sustainable and seamless transitions in and around the Washington Metropolitan Area, including Reston, VA. Since 1987, our team has been a trusted provider of local and long-distance office moves across numerous industries. Furthermore, Able Moving maintains close ties to local charities, which allows clients to donate unwanted items. Contact us for eco-friendly office moves and more information at (703) 330-3772 today. 

Below, we explore sustainability practices to follow during an office move:

1. Recycle and Reuse Supplies

The whirlwind of every office relocation generates a significant amount of waste. Boxes, pens, paper scraps, clips, and old folders land in trash bags during the clean-up and packing phases. Yet instead of consigning these items to a landfill, take the time to recycle eligible office supplies. Unwanted papers and electronics can be disposed of via shred bins, purge bins, and e-waste recycling.  Doing so reduces the environmental impact of your move without compromising your clean-up process. 

Additionally, purchase or rent plastic crates rather than accumulating cardboard boxes and tossing them after the move. Not only are plastic crates reusable and convenient, but they deliver long-term benefits for future office storage and organization. By adopting these practices, office moves can become sustainable and efficient.

2. Clean with Green Products

You might come across stains, spills, and dirty counters as you move out of your office. Or, sometimes, movers are asked to wipe down panels and office furniture prior to disassembling.  While cleaning is a courtesy, harsh chemicals can harm human health and the environment. So, opt for cleaning supplies with an ecolabel—a simple yet meaningful contribution to sustainability. Further, use an old rag with soap and water instead of a single-use wipe to tidy up without extra waste. 

3. Hire Efficient Movers

Haphazard packing and numerous back-and-forth trips are a headache, and driving cars with limited storage has environmental consequences. Your move can become more sustainable and efficient by entrusting a professional commercial moving company. The team at Able Moving is extensively trained in optimized packing, which limits the number of trucks required to perform the move. Moreover, Able Moving can select the most direct and fuel-efficient route to your new building. Using local movers for your commercial move can limit vehicle emissions and get you to your destination quicker.

4. Donate Unused Items

Upgrading to a new office space often means upgrading the furniture as well. But rather than sending large office equipment to a landfill, donate the gently used items. Indeed, these items can take on a new life for other local businesses and homes. You can consult your local commercial movers for assistance in finding donation sites and dropping off these items.

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Businesses in the Washington Metropolitan area including Reston, VA, can champion sustainability by consulting the commercial movers at Able Moving & Storage. Our dedication to efficient moving and storage solutions allows you to settle into your new work environment faster. Moreover, we promise to take proactive steps toward a sustainable moving experience. Call (703) 330-3772 today for seamless assistance with your upcoming move.

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