6 Office Relocation Moving Tips

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Moving to a new office is an exciting—albeit challenging—endeavor for any company. Whether you do so for more space, a new city, or a location that better fits your needs, your move’s ease will correlate to the stress it causes you. An experienced moving company offers resources that streamline the process for you. Seek professional commercial movers to relocate your business.

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Below, we offer office relocation moving tips:

1. Plan your Office Relocation Early

When planning a timeline for moving your office location, it is best to start early. Indeed, moving to a new office calls for detailed planning and preparation.

When creating an office relocation checklist, determine your moving date,  a time frame for the relocation process, and your budget. Then, receive estimates from several moving companies. A reliable moving company can help you track your expenses to ensure an affordable move.

2. Communicate with Your Employees

Keep your staff up-to-date on your office’s relocation timeline. Such communication prevents surprises and allows employees to anticipate changes. Inform them of the following:

  • The new address of your building
  • Any revised phone and fax numbers
  • Rules for your new building
  • Packing procedures for personal items
  • Directions to the new building

You can encourage them to create an office relocation checklist as well. Healthy communication between employees can boost their morale and get them excited about relocation. Moreover, it inspires unity and confidence in your leadership team.

3. Assign A Project Manager

Moving to a new office requires teamwork, communication, and solid leadership. Consider appointing an internal project manager to facilitate the office relocation. The appointed team leader should be:

  • Skilled at multitasking
  • Experienced working with budgets
  • Organized
  • An effective communicator

You can also provide them with office management tools to aid in the process.

4. Protect Your Data

Professional Commercial Movers Bethesda MD
Professional Commercial Movers

Your files and hardware should be a top priority during the move. Losing critical files to damaged servers or hard drives can cause problems. Protect your files from loss and breach while moving by backing up all your data.

A digital visitor management system can safeguard your visitor and staff data, securing your company’s valuable data. It is easy to move with you because of its cloud-based system.

5. Deep Clean Your Office

Moving with items you no longer need adds unnecessary hassle. Moving to a new office is a great excuse to clean, donate, and dispose of things your office need not keep any longer. 

Indeed, new locations offer a fresh start. Remove old files, shred unimportant papers, donate old furniture, and sell equipment of no use to you any longer. If you are downsizing, determine how much space you need to make.

6. Update Your Address Everywhere

Your suppliers and customers need to know where you are relocating, your new company address, and when normal operations will resume. Things that need to stay up-to-date throughout the relocation process are your company’s: 

  • Business cards
  • Website
  • Letterhead
  • Social media sites

Make sure these updates are at the top of your office relocation checklist so that your contacts know how to reach you.

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