Use This Long Distance Moving Checklist for an Easy Move

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Moving to a new block is one thing, but moving long distance to another state is entirely another. There are far more steps involved with preparing for a long distance or interstate move than for a local move. This can make the process seem intimidating, especially for a homeowner or household who has never made such a big move before – but Able Moving & Storage is here to help with every step of the way.

More is at risk during a long-distance move, too. Depending on just how far away your new home is, it can be difficult or impossible to visit your new home to ensure everything is ready before move-in day, or to move a few of your belongings to your new house at a time.

The moving process is sure to throw a few curveballs and challenges your way, but it does not need to be a confusing, stressful mess. With our friendly guidance, and long distance moving checklist, you can be better prepared for your move and avoid some costly mistakes:

  • Know your moving day: Before you pack your first box, make sure you and your family know the date and time of your move. Use this date to plan the entire move and set deadlines to complete each phase of the moving process, all leading up to the big day. Keeping the date of your move in mind will keep you on schedule and avoid a stressful, last-minute rush.
  • Get and stay organized: An organized move is an easy move! As you plan and prepare for your move, keep track of important documents and information, either in a folder or on your computer. Spreadsheets can help you organize quotes from moving companies, your list of items to pack, and what still needs to get done before moving day.
  • Downsize: Many moves involve a little downsizing but getting rid of household items will be extra necessary for long distance moving. The fewer items you have to transport long distance, the easier the move. Before you begin packing, take a look around your house and consider what items you can part with. Donate what you can to local charities, recycle others, and toss the rest.
  • Pack: Once you’ve downsized, start packing! Remember to pack only things you will not need until after you move. Keep any items you still use every day unpacked to avoid having to open up boxes to find them. Clearly label each box with the contents to easily find your items while unpacking, especially if some items may sit in boxes for awhile. For more great packing tips, check out our last blog.
  • Set up utilities: You’ll need running water, lights, and cable when you move in to your new home. A few weeks before your move, contact your utilities company and confirm that they will be able to set these up before or shortly after you arrive. Remember to have the utilities at your current home shut off after you move out, too.


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