DIY vs. Professional Furniture Storage

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Many organizations hire professional moving services to relocate their office premises but often opt for self-storage solutions when it comes time to remodel or declutter. Businesses may believe that DIY storage will work just fine, but choosing a professional commercial storage solution is critical to ensuring the safety and condition of stored furniture. The enhanced security and flexible options make commercial storage well worth the investment. 

No matter how large your company’s storage needs are, contact Able Moving & Storage’s professionals for assistance. Our team provides comprehensive storage options to businesses in the Washington Metropolitan Area, including Arlington, VA. Our secure warehouses, inventory management, and storage solutions can satisfy the needs of a diverse clientele. Call (703) 330-3772 today to learn more about our commercial storage solutions!

Below, we discuss why choosing professional furniture storage is the right call: 

DIY Furniture Storage 

DIY storage, also known as self-storage, refers to a private space that individuals or organizations can rent for storage. Self-storage is the most bare-bones, inexpensive solution. These commercial storage units offer nothing more than a specific amount of square footage and a lockable door to secure the space. Therefore, whoever rents these units is responsible for packing and safekeeping storage.

Professional Furniture Storage 

Professional storage facilities provide virtually everything that self-storage units do not. The former are managed by an organization (like Able Moving) whose employees oversee security. Often, the facilities offer value-added services such as storage preparation, inventory management, detailed reports and pictures of items, and more. Professional solutions are well-suited for any type of furniture but are particularly beneficial for high-value pieces. 

With specialized services and adaptable plans, professional storage is a reliable solution for companies with evolving needs. Most professional facilities have an advanced security system, ensuring your furniture is safe from harm. Also, if you choose professional storage, you need not worry about packing and moving your furniture into storage. Commercial storage companies, like Able Moving, have trained experts who safely wrap and move your items.  

Customized plans are key in satisfying your company’s unique needs. Professional facilities offer flexible terms and storage space, ensuring your solution is right for your business. Also, you can speak to your professionals anytime to change your plan, easily scaling your storage space or rental term.

Why Professional Solutions Offer Greater Value Than DIY

Commercial Storage Arlington VA

Professional commercial storage offers several advantages over self-storage. First, storage facilities are managed by trained professionals who handle belongings with care and provide specialized services to ensure the security and condition of your furniture. Also, professional facilities’ racks are adjustable and can hold items that would not fit in self-storage units. And since Able prices storage by the square foot, you may end up paying less for our high-quality service than renting out an entire low-quality unit.

While self-storage may claim to be more affordable, commercial storage offers greater convenience, security, and professional support, making it a superior solution for businesses everywhere.

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Businesses in the Washington Metropolitan Area, including Arlington, VA, can look to Able Moving & Storage for reliable commercial storage solutions. We offer customs plans and quality services so you can focus your energy on your business. With our inventory management system, you can view inventory numbers and pictures of your safely stored furniture, so you can rest assured knowing that your storage is in good hands. To learn more about our commercial storage solutions, call (703) 330-3772 today!

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