How a Relocation Package Can Help You

Relocation Services Fairfax VA

Relocating for a job presents an exciting opportunity and the ability to advance your career while exploring a new city. Some employers will provide a relocation package to alleviate some of the stress and expenses you will incur while undertaking the move.  An experienced relocation services team will ease the burden of moving and get you up and running in your new home ASAP. 

Businesses in the Washington Metropolitan area, including Fairfax, VA, can rely on Able Moving & Storage for a successful relocation. As a full-service, locally-owned moving and storage company, our team helps families, individuals, and local businesses move wherever they must go. Our corporate relocation specialists have worked with a wide variety of clients, tailoring relocations to company policies, budgets, and timelines. Call (703) 330-3772 or visit our website to learn more about our corporate relocation services today!

Below, we explore employee relocation packages and their benefits: 

What is a Relocation Package?

Relocation packages are the resources and support an employer provides to ease the burden of moving for work-related reasons. This benefit is designed to help manage the logistics and costs of settling in a new city. Most often, employers will provide professional corporate relocation services to aid in packing, transporting, and unpacking belongings. This gives the employee who is moving the time to focus on their new adjustment (as the movers handle all the logistical details). 

Benefits of a Relocation Package

  • Reduced Financial Burden: Moving can be expensive. Relocation assistance can cover a significant portion of the costs (including movers, packing equipment, and transportation), which surge if you move cross-country or overseas. This frees up your savings for other expenses in your new city. 
  • Simplified Logistics: Relocation packages often include dedicated relocation specialists to help you navigate the moving process. Their assistance ensures you complete your company’s relocation plan with an efficient and comfortable move. 
  • Storage Options: If your employer partners with a comprehensive corporate relocation company, you may also have access to secure temporary or long-term storage. Not only will storage solutions keep your belongings safe, but with fewer items to transport, it can expedite your moving process.

Relocating with Able Moving

Relocation Services Fairfax VA

Partnering with Able Moving for your corporate relocation is guaranteed to be a smooth and stress-free experience. Although employers book our help as part of our commercial services, you can rest assured that our dedicated residential team carries out all household moves. Their attention to detail and specialized experience ensure you and your family’s household belongings get from point A to point B safely and securely.

In addition to corporate household relocation services, our professional moving services include:

  • Containerized storage and bonded warehousing
  • Overseas packing and shipping 
  • Office and industrial moving and relocation 
  • Secured corporate storage 

Plan Your Move With Premium Relocation Services in the Washington Metro Area, Including Fairfax, VA!

Beyond logistics and move management, Able Moving & Storage provides best-in-class customer service and a wealth of helpful tips to ensure corporate relocations are as smooth as possible.  To learn more about our corporate and residential relocation services, call (703) 330-3772 today!

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