Residential Boxes

Residential Boxes

In addition to outstanding customer service and industry expertise, Able Moving & Storage offers residential moving boxes and supplies that customers can purchase directly from us. These boxes come in various sizes for residential moves and have multiple purposes for what to pack inside of them. 

When preparing for a move, it can be a challenge to decide how many boxes are needed and what to pack in each box. Common packing mistakes with cardboard boxes can lead to the box breaking open from the bottom while moving or overfilling the carton so much that it is too heavy to carry. 

Below, we offer a video and an outline breaking down box sizes and which items suit each size best:

1.5-inch Box

  • Small, dense items: books, heavy shelf décor, small picture frames, candles

3.0-inch Box

  • Bulky items: pots, pans, miscellaneous office items, stackable items

4.5-inch Box

  • Large and bulky yet lightweight items: bedding, pillows, sheets, comforters, curtains, drapes, clothing

Dish Box, also called a Dish Pack

  • Breakable Kitchen items: plates, cups, bowls, and saucers
    * These boxes are larger and made of thicker ply cardboard to keep fragile items safe.

Wardrobe Box

  • Hanging clothing articles: suits, dresses, blouses, button-down shirts

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