Top 5 Countries for Americans Moving Abroad

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These days, with the pandemic in the rearview, many Americans have a sudden desire to relocate and start anew. Individuals are going online to look for the best places to move overseas. From Canada to Qatar, their options offer myriad benefits, including the thrill of relocating and the opportunity of exploring a new culture. Although a daunting task, moving overseas can be a positive experience, especially with the help of international movers.

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Below, we discuss the top 5 destinations for Americans moving abroad:


Canada has an international reputation as one of the safest countries. Not only does it enjoy low unemployment rates and universal healthcare, but it also boasts a variety of immigration options.

International Movers Manassas VA

In addition to friendly locals, Canada has gorgeous scenery, such as Abraham Lake and Jasper National Park. Plus, immigrants from America have no language barrier to overcome—unless they decide to live in Quebec, a prominent French-Canadian province.


If its mouth-watering food and strong economy don’t attract you to Japan, maybe its team-centered work environment will! Japan ranks second as one of the best places to move globally.

Compared to the US, Japanese companies encourage teamwork and relationship-building to a far greater degree. While learning the language requires time and patience, Japan is an excellent place for adventure, delicious food, and a healthy atmosphere.


Over the past few decades, Spain has risen in international rankings for work/life balance, healthcare, safety, and quality of life. The Spanish have a strong reputation for communal living and familial bonds, so new arrivals are welcomed with open arms!

Moreover, its year-round warm climate and property opportunities mean that finding a place to live is easier than ever. If you’ve always dreamed of living close to the coast, consider Spain. Contact your local international moving company to discuss your international moving options and questions.


International Movers Manassas VA

Another fabulous destination in Europe, Germany offers virtually anything newcomers could want. The country enjoys fantastic public transport run by a transport association that integrates all forms of transportation into a single, efficient network.

Like other European countries and Canada, Germany provides universal healthcare, a thriving economy, low crime rates, and an environmentally conscious approach. Their welfare system and cultural attractions attract people from across the globe.


Anyone looking for comfort in moving abroad outside Europe will find Qatar’s high salaries and low taxes appealing. The country’s modern conveniences complement an exuberant atmosphere with luxurious taste. Indeed, Middle Eastern immigrants prefer moving to Qatar over anywhere else. 

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