How to Achieve a Successful Eco-Friendly Office Move

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In the excitement of moving to a new office, it’s easy to forget your responsibilities to follow sustainable practices. Such details, which include minimizing waste and using secondhand or alternative goods, can significantly impact the local environment. Contrary to common belief, you need not sacrifice a refreshing and beautiful new workplace. Ensure you conduct an eco-friendly office move by hiring an experienced corporate moving company.

Able Moving & Storage leverages sustainable practices in all its moving jobs. With over 35 years of experience, we know how to transport Arlington, VA, companies from point A to point B with minimal environmental impact. You need not sacrifice your company values, an efficient office move, or a stunning workplace for the sake of moving. Get a free quote online or call (703) 330-3772 to find out how your company can achieve a seamless, eco-friendly office transition today.

Below, we outline several practices to achieve a sustainable office move:

Restore Reusable Furniture

First, browse your office space for furniture you can reuse in your new location. Even pieces that show wear—albeit minor wear—may suit, as restoration and reupholstery can have them looking brand new. Think reconditioned leather or fabric and shiny, polished metalwork!

Additionally, speak with an Able representative or a furniture repurposing organization to determine what to keep and what to toss.

Donate Unneeded Items

All of your unwanted office furniture—which may be the majority—can be donated. Indeed, some businesses repurpose secondhand furniture and offer it at low prices. Local businesses, community organizations, and even homeowners can benefit from this practice, reusing chairs and sofas that would otherwise have gone into a landfill. Your moving company may be familiar with local donation avenues and can assist in this process.

Properly Dispose of Unusable Materials

Of course, some items can’t be reused or donated. For instance, paper and electronics with sensitive intellectual property must be shredded or disposed of as e-waste. Other equipment—branded items, worn office supplies, and materials containing hazardous chemicals—may be unusable too.

Nevertheless, try to curtail this type of item as much as possible. A well-rounded moving company or supplier can help you dispose of these materials to avoid environmental detriment.

Use Reusable Packaging

Once you’ve determined the fate of your office belongings, plan and implement the packing stage. You or your movers can integrate sustainability into this step as well. For instance, when choosing packing materials, consider their product lifecycles. Reusable plastic crates are a great alternative to cardboard boxes. If you use cardboard boxes, your moving company or another entity may take and reuse any in good condition. Also, avoid one-use plastics, styrofoam, and other unsustainable materials as best you can.

Optimize Transport

Transportation offers more salient opportunities for sustainability than the preceding factors. Your moving company can follow a direct route that minimizes your carbon footprint. If you have some schedule flexibility, shipping by sea or land—rather than air—is a fantastic way to reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, it is critical to cease shipments to your old office and update your shipping address to avoid delivery mistakes and unnecessary waste.

Buy Repurposed Furniture

Corporate Moving Arlington VA

After moving into your new office, you may need to replace much of the furniture from your previous space. But rather than new ones, consider purchasing repurposed chairs, desks, and meeting room tables. Manufacturers can create them from reused and recycled materials yet still create a sleek appearance.

Eco-Friendly Corporate Moving for Arlington, VA, Companies

Able Moving & Storage offers sustainable corporate moving services to businesses in Arlington, VA. Whether your move is local or overseas, office or industrial, or you just need storage, Able does it all. Trust our professional logistics team and movers to handle the heavy lifting. With our experience, you can rest assured your office move will take place safely, efficiently, and sustainably. For moving done right, contact us online or at (703) 330-3772 and receive a free quote today.

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